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Kentucky Center for Leadership is a non-profit organization driven by a laser-like focus on facilitating leadership experiences. With a primary focus on and headquarters in Kentucky, our reach is not limited by traditional borders. Our founders and honorary chairs, Drs. Randall Capps and Cecile Garmon started developing leaders many years ago. From advising university presidents to coaching corporate CEOs, Drs. Capps & Garmon’s passion for creating leadership experiences and a legacy of developing leaders lives on through countless proteges, many of whom are consultants to the Kentucky Center for Leadership. Our current team consists of corporate CEO’s, educational leaders, authors, elected officials and leaders at all levels of organizations, communities and government.

Rather than providing off the shelf programs, the Kentucky Center for leadership experiences are 100% customized for you and your organization’s unique needs. The hallmark of our leadership experiences is cutting-edge content, structured debriefs, targeted break-out sessions with peer groups, time-sensitive action plans and personalized follow up by a Kentucky Center for Leadership team member.


To serve as a catalyst for next level leadership growth while inspiring Kentuckians to achieve a better Commonwealth.


To be the premiere leadership development experience in Kentucky.

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